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My site and portfolio has all moved to, please visit me there from now on 



Pano in the Berg

Cape Town

Photo’s by Yvonne

_DSC0018Hout Bay_DSC0031Hout Bay_DSC0078Hout Bay_DSC0066Hout Bay

_DSC0100Hout Bay

Now by Me

_GEN2073Cape Town Trip 2010 Day 4_GEN2116Cape Town Trip 2010 Day 4_GEN2310Cape Town Trip 2010 Day 5_DSC0071Hout Bay_DSC0052Hout Bay_DSC0049Hout Bay_GEN1611Cape Town Trip 2010

Over Northcliff




World Wide Photo Walk



Windmills & Coffee


D3000 f/1.8 ISO 400 1/400s


D3000 f/1.8 ISO 100 1/4000s


D3000 F/2.0 ISO 100 1/400s0

Sharpest Stripes I have ever got


_GEN0164 _GEN0165


Painting with Light


_DSC0291 _DSC0325 _DSC0265

In Action in the Forest




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